2009 at 518

sunday, january 04th, 2009


this new years was chill and warm like we wanted, and it seemed to be all about keeping the fire lit.







tuesday, january 01st, 2008

party at the fountain street ranch- complete with in-house band!


pre show basement


brett and morgan


dharma and devon


setting up - Alexis took pictures of the baaaand

bryce, me, chuckles

julia on the keys



a couple photos from Alexis’ flickr…

Chandan on bass

i look like i’m pitching a used mustang

a foot of snow!

chandan and chuck make breakfast


julie’s back and greg’s hat enjoy some coffee and records



2007 ya’ll

tuesday, march 27th, 2007

we had a small, lively new years in the ann arbor. after three broken glasses the kitchen was no longer fit for the dance party, it was moved to the porch.



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