Sounds here are the result of our basement improvisations, rehearsals, get togethers, and get downs. (perfection is not the point!)


1) RAD (renee, allison, dave) rhodes, drums, vocals, bass- improvisation type- 8.8.08
all the way down mp3

2) Sean, Chuck, Allison (in braille) 7.23.08
4 mp3
first layer of a demo

3) Ghostlady practice, 7.18.08
broadcast song, and new song mp3
we just came up with the townie song out of nowhere, then after singing it i lost my voice for a day.

4) Ghostlady version of a yo la tengo song. 10.07

5) Ann Arbor Basements: here is an excerpt from a get together in May07 - Chuck, Sean, Allison, Damon

basement [ mp3 17.3 MB 12:35 ]

6) Windmill Music; in my basement. 3.08
helouis mp3


7) noise work: 2/08. the beginning of a song.
King of Beers mp3
Sean, Chuck, Allison



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