the autumn-waking

wednesday, december 17th, 2008


here is an uncovered gem of sorts; live typically-bad-sounding bootleg from a mini-tour out of chicago, to somewhere in the midwest, mid 200….4? anika on trumpet vocals and acetown keys, josh on guitar and vocals, me on drums bells and vocals.


the breakwater mp3





san valentino and the melancholy kid

monday, november 10th, 2008


take 1.

a promo pic from the production of the House Theater of Chicago. i’m the hat and drums behind the guitar!

credits, and more are at their flickr.







transaction ensemble, june 2002

thursday, october 23rd, 2008

transaction ensemble, June 2002.

A contact sheet from when we played in front of the Krause Music Store, Lincoln Square in Chicago.
Alison, Allison, Davis, Peter, Renee, Steven





the delta still

tuesday, october 21st, 2008

the delta still at abby pub chicago, august 2004







wednesday, october 08th, 2008


October, 2008.

just passed on to me, a discovered video of my friends and i in the stuffy lying in states’ chicago basement, the legendary show of june 2002. all of our bands played that day, theres probably more out there. this basement show seemed so remarkable, that 6 months later a pack of pictures from it was randomly found on the sidewalk in rogers park. no one knows who took them or where they came from.

so so bad, and so awesome.
You Tube friends singing to friends and about friends




random chicago

monday, march 26th, 2007



film random chicago.
the last year of things: loved and missed 2005


telegraph series




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