august ramblings

sunday, august 22nd, 2010

ghostlady goes to new york

sunday, june 20th, 2010

a march visit in polaroid

tuesday, march 02nd, 2010

christmas-time in new york

monday, february 15th, 2010

thanksgiving-time in new york

tuesday, december 01st, 2009


4 train acrobat

paying the musician

what to order what to order at fiore’s


sister liz moves to ny

tuesday, october 06th, 2009

we visit. september 09.


some statue


cranes at zero

measuring up afternoon delights


cheers in central park

me and robbie at Fiore’s

pouty subway Liz…




january visit to new york: three acts

tuesday, january 13th, 2009

polaroid, digital snapshot, iPhone


tippy-top of the empire state building


the cities within us








pete nolan and i revamp our college band ‘the uniforms’ and play a show at the last minute. maybe next time we’ll be ‘big deals combo’.






andy and sarah. one of the other bands.


john peeks his glasses above some guys head no one knows.





digital sony snapshot












i look possessed!






mark’s old band from those days also played.



tanghe sings it

























iPhone series








waiting to play











heads, buildings






peakie comes to help me with my game


julie plays, pete keeps score




[Also, the index of this page can be found at new york january 09. A browsable lay-out; no commentary!]


pss. [mark took the polaroids while i played, brian took the digital pictures while i played]








polaroid look-see

thursday, september 25th, 2008

new york early autumn happenings

williamsburg bridge

doubletake times square

my bloody valentine; tried to catch some strobe



this one actually, is not a double exposure



team: highschool, college, infinity

the same photo since 1991

mark and pete all over again


[Also the index of autumn new york can be found at new york autumn index. no commentary, different lay-out!]



iphone series

wednesday, september 24th, 2008









central park afternoon






























st thomas











mundane wait-train



everyday mail













pete and mark walk





very late and very early






my bloody valentine

tuesday, september 23rd, 2008


This is about what it sounded like. ( I felt my trachea rattling for like a half an hour. )

We successfully scammed our way into the mezz.





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