halloween on state st #2

sunday, november 15th, 2009

my camera blew up before i had a chance to get the pictures off it, so heres a sample of the evening from chuck and dharma’s flickr(s’s)




halloween on state

sunday, november 02nd, 2008


dharmas wig gets a light




heather, devon


pedal people!



jason; scared?




totally scary-


meghan and garin


animal farm molly




the 90’s dream



i didnt exactly know who i was for halloween. so i asked people what they thought. it was a fun game. i only recall a couple of answers though; amelie, and, velma from scooby doo went to grad school.

i’m probably convinced to go back to the bob haircut. too easy.







lauren and ross
























greg, i think






strangely awesome. g, marcie and a washout me
















i ripped a couple from chucks flickr because i didnt get any dance floor actions..






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