umma closing, umma opening

sunday, march 29th, 2009

the closing

these closing pictures were taken in summer 2006 while i was at umma, and as we were doing inventory in collections, packing up, and transporting the art. everything had to leave the building.


maxwell edison. my partner on team painting pallet.


painting storage screens in collections. many paintings to go.


i basically re-constructed the backings of paintings and frames for secure transport, storage, and future exhibitions. this one, like most, needed a lot of help.


work spot and tools




the bandsaw in the shop. my fave.


my smock








before: this is after the museum had closed to the public, and the art was being transported daily. these crates were custom made for specific pieces in the collection.



the re-opening



lauren gets even taller

cracked floor

dj chuck

the outside of the building looks kinda like an old building with a weird new section attached, but on the inside the flow is rather seamless and lovely.




garins birthday, marcie’s sendoff at the franch

sunday, march 29th, 2009

hi piet and garin

i heart morgan


laters, marcie

the space between posing and candid.

molly, ross, g, morgan




rays not sure about that labatt




ghostlady in red

thursday, february 05th, 2009

at 518






january button-making and craft night #2

saturday, january 31st, 2009


we made good use of my button-maker. people brought some creative materials for buttons.

518 livingroom begins to fill with crafter hungries





























sample products




(i ripped this from chucks flickr - i actually was there!)




Here is last years’ january button-making night #1.



ann arbor january randoms

saturday, january 31st, 2009

evidence of a sunday night tomato soup gathering

dining with jared


zingermans goods

a murder of crows as i left on new years day









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