a february hello

sunday, february 22nd, 2009


a lovely time of friends and shows and restaurants; i didnt take many pictures.






two old tyme faves


good morning


street view


bank of america under the flat iron? used to be a fair trade coffee house-


kirk, heart, domenico





chris gesticulates


hanging with byson. we go way back.




some summer favorites

monday, june 23rd, 2008


Faves of a June visit, 2008



awesome stereo

bye bye, my dear piano

byson requests daydream nation

i second it

evening flower yard

sweet b takes a breather from his reading

making an appearance at the diner

usual simons glory



red series

my favorite clark street

original blatts brewery - Pilson-ish



photo of a photo - dearborn st. 1909

four and a half



the fall weekend

monday, october 15th, 2007

mid october visit blo-out chicago!
several days and nights of the usual places,
and some not so usual.
a mini-ann arbor invasion…

chuck with Andrew



we’re totally on the field trip bus

jason and anika

dom and matt

Sweet B

Chipperly plays the Dom’s bass




the birds


i’m twi’ddlin me moustache

i don’t know who, but somebody actually tried to get the Steve



Ray took this one. its incredible!

the digital version








Holy Trinity Church






























the Itialians: Domenico and Paul (from chuck)


went to schubas to see our other roommates’ band play, but we missed them for a salad.









And heres another side of the story…..



chicago wrap

wednesday, august 29th, 2007

chicago wrap ups, and i’m on my way back to ann arbor

Friction Brothers at the Empty Bottle





at the edgewater with the Italians

semaphore recording stuff



working at Elastic





festive late night cab

the women of wayne on our way to a party








wednesday, august 29th, 2007

through an august sunset on the rooftop







Chicago & Ashland

























the beach

tuesday, august 28th, 2007


foster beach in early august




drunk thursday

monday, july 23rd, 2007


drunk thursday!

the pictures from this eve are worth it but i have to wait a bit to get them.




sunday, july 22nd, 2007


fields of industry at the hideout- june’s late
(someone else took these pictures… )












the blaine visit, take two

sunday, july 22nd, 2007

mid July, the blaine visit take two

The Blaine






A, Jaime, Rachael







friday, july 13th, 2007

blaine and rachael visit, and look theres a kirk!

Ktown and Bschool




thursday, july 05th, 2007

a beautiful 4th of july


it started at tumans

martini shadow

scotty has another flat

music fest in phyllis’ beergarden

the secret cords of semaphore

Old Tymie

a fireworks fog smothers the city

on the rooftop

ed, paul, richard

we played music at this nice roof top gathering



goodbye jason

monday, june 25th, 2007

after all of these years, late june is the time the jason is going back to NYC for good. a last gathering at bryn mawr.








first day of summer

friday, june 22nd, 2007


the first day of summer in 2007






lights and late

sunday, june 10th, 2007

i moved back to chicago for the summer. here are some random pictures from the first week.




Sunny & Jaime

herr Maude



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