ala plus la = la la la

friday, july 04th, 2008

end of ala annual, and la trip mash-up.


for sale

getting la styled


totally looking like a band


to where the mountains meet the smog


my shoes followed me everywhere!

driving to la

scanning technology

anaheim mountain

convention center



ala in anaheim #2

sunday, june 29th, 2008

chuck calls this one ‘shifty eyes’

Josh tries to look ‘menacing’

tim gives me the brow




emily and chuck discuss at the JSTOR participants meeting

thats me




ala in anaheim #1

saturday, june 28th, 2008


looked at this for two hours

convention center aisle - disneyland is like, right over there!

arcs and angles


a bit of me somehow

‘freedom of expression and intellectual property’ session. lawrence lessig tells me everything i want to know

everything is so mod



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