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The uniforms originated in east lansing, MI somewhere in the mid - late nineties. the original people in the band were Chad Oliveiri (guitar, gadgets), Aron Doten (guitar), Pete Nolan (guitar, drums, stuff) and Allison Stanley (drums, clarinet, stuff). Chuck Sipperley played with them on occasion. Chad and Allison are creating compositions together again and simply kept the old name. because they no longer live in the same region, the basis is that of an ftp project, facilitated by the fancy computer internet.

this site is a work in progress, but you can find basic information and the MP3 of the first track. More soon, thank you-
the uniforms, 3.2008


Chad Oliveiri
photo courtesy carbon records


Allison Stanley
Allison Stanley







1. Left, Right MP3 [5.1 MB] (2007)
Chad: Gameboy, Allison: Bass thru stereo