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*The mc was started in March of 2005, with the thought to simply post images and stories in a creative way. It has grown a bit since then. This is chapter two, the current running chapter, on the clutter corner. In the Archive you can find a link to chapter one, on tense code.

It is springtime now, and the streets are filled with bare legs and gangly arms falling out of t-shirts. Smiles, and squints greet the passerb in a ray of light. Not much has happened here at the monocle chronicle this winter. There are a few projects underway, however. Margins parts 2 and new photos for lenses, the people series.

Please do Browse and Enjoy through the categories at the left. Unless otherwise noted work is by Allison Stanley. If you would like to comment, contact, or contribute I’d be delighted, feel free to comment or Email me. Thanks, happy springtime.*


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