cicadas in the background by Stephen Favazza

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

a review by: Kistiecat
The Lion Song is a Chicago band made up of Stephen Favazza. The songs of The Lion Song are quite a bit more low key with some nice drifting instrumentation and vocals. I like how they say they sound like cicadas in the background. In actuality, I think that is more how they make you feel while listening.

I recorded something over 30 songs and recorded them all on my 4-track in the summer of 2006 in my Chicago apartment. Using tape and digital loops and bouncing tracks, while at the same time writing music on the guitar, bass, piano, banjo, various percussion instruments. I put 2 microphones out at the same time. One on my amp where I would run loops and or play an instrument, and I would but the other mic around the room, or I would hang the mic outside the window and record the city sounds (people, EL train, cars, cicadas what have ya), then I mixed it all on my computer track by track. Somethings turned out the way I thought it would and somethings I feel turned out better.

Music will be up soon.

The Nativity Scene by Stephen Favazza

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

The Nativity Scene is Nick Gardner and Stephen Favazza. More coming soon…………